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FASA was only reintegrated into CAF and FIFA in 1992, after the end of the Apartheid regime. If, at first, FIFA was content to order Russia to play its matches on neutral ground and behind closed doors, without anthem or flag, the world institution then excluded the Russian selection from the qualifiers for the world Cup. The qualifying campaign for the 1982 World Cup ended in further disappointment, the Portuguese team being overtaken by Scotland, Northern Ireland and Sweden, in a group whose first two places were qualifying. On the occasion of Euro 2020, the Ukrainian Association chooses a jersey which highlights a map of the territory of the country by incorporating Crimea still attached to Russia. Another point of contention, the CD Palestino shirt for the 2014 season, whose number "1" represents the map of part of Mandatory Palestine before the creation of the state of Israel, is banned by the Chilean football federation.

At the end of the 2016-2017 season, he put an end to his career. Partner of Bayern Munich since 2002, Deutsche Telekom renews for three years the sponsorship contract which binds it to the Bavarian club at the end of 2009 for an amount of 25 M€ per year. A legend links this conflict and Geoffrey Hurst's controversial goal in the 1966 World Cup final., which indicated that the ball had entered the goal. Despite having won the return match against the Faroe Islands, another defeat against Denmark led to the appointment of Dietmar Constantini in place of Riedl. This is regularly seen on old games which, during the import process, were censored due to the publisher's (especially Nintendo's) content policy on video games, which was much stricter in the United States. than in Japan or Europe. This match is refereed by an SS, who orders the Ukrainians, who refuse, to give the Nazi salute.

Football was used as a propaganda weapon by the FLN during the Algerian War. In the context of the Second World War, and more particularly in the context of Operation Barbarossa, the famous death match took place, during which the FC Start team (composed of members of Dynamo kyiv dissolved by the Nazis) faces a team of Luftwaffe soldiers. Several boycott actions took place from the 1960s in the context of the war. In 1939, the Second World War was declared and all competitions were stopped. Some clubs, however, refused to meet clubs from Eastern European countries because of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact in August 1968. UEFA decided to carry out a second draw by separating the clubs of the two blocks from the Cold War. In 2013, in order to avoid a new situation of this kind, UEFA decided on a special arrangement for the qualifiers for Euro 2016: Azerbaijan and Armenia will not be drawn in the same group.

At the same time, Raja qualified for the 2013 Club World Cup, organized in Morocco, as champions of the host country. In a play-off match to reach the final phase of the 1970 World Cup, El Salvador won 3-2 against Honduras. In the wake of this victory, El Salvador invades Honduras to settle an old border dispute. The case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has also influenced the organization of sports competitions. Qatar also invests in the European media landscape with its BeIn Sports network, also owned by Qatar Sports Investments, to broadcast many prestigious competitions. Main articles: History of the European course of Stade rennais FC, Stade rennais FC in the Coupe de France and Stade rennais FC in the Coupe de la Ligue. Similarly, the Zorya Luhansk is evolving in a different stadium from its usual enclosure. Thus, in 2007, UEFA canceled the two meetings between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Group A of the Euro 2008 qualifiers. The Azerbaijani refused to welcome the Armenian selection on its territory, arsenal jersey and the Armenia refused to play the game on neutral ground.